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Ano: 2015 Banca: CESPE Órgão: TJDFT Prova: Analista Judiciário - Análise de Sistemas
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This text refers to the items from 27 through 36.

1 An interest in the legal process and finding flaws
makes you the perfect candidate for a court analyst position.
Responsible for sifting through court procedures with a
4 fine-tooth comb, a court analyst finds ways to improve the
efficiency of the court.
If people always tell you that you are good “at finding
7 flaws”, then the job of court analyst is the one for you. Your
keen eye for imperfection is put to the test as you observe court
practices and policies, then make recommendations on how to
10 fix them.
Flaw finding does not stop there, as court analysts also
work to find ways to save money. Court systems are funded
13 with government money, and eliminating wasteful government
spending is not just a catchphrase. If you become a court
analyst, you will analyse budget expenditures to identify ways
16 to reduce costs while keeping customer service or the judicial
process flowing smoothly.
Prepare your eyes for countless hours of research as
19 you pore over data and statistics related to operational
procedures and expenditures. The information you gather is
used to support efficient recommendations made to court
22 administrators.
Writing and presentation skills are a must as well to
compile your recommendations and supporting evidence. Your
25 reports are critical as a summary of your findings, and should
reflect your expertise.

Internet: <> (adapted).
According to the text, judge the following items.
The analysts are supposed to examine data and statistics carefully and in a lot of details.
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