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The solid-waste disposal company Daily Disposal services tens of thousands of residences, businesses and construction sites in San Diego. In the past, drivers with residential routes received two printouts each morning: a 30-page document listing more than 1,000 customers they needed to visit that day, and a separate fiveor six-page document listing customers with delinquent accounts. As drivers made stops, they had to compare the two lists to determine whether to pick up each customer’s containers. With more than 90 drivers in the field, Daily Disposal needed a more efficient way to route trucks and document trash pickup. So, the company invested in a custom mobile app called eMobile, Samsung Galaxy tablets with 10.1-inch screens and cellular service from Sprint. Rather than receiving stacks of paper each morning, drivers simply download the day’s route onto their tablets via the eMobile app. As they move along, the mounted  tablets tell them exactly where to stop. When drivers arrive at customers’ homes, they push one of three buttons on the touchscreen: “done,” “not out” or “skip.” Daily Disposal’s entire fleet now has mounted tablets. All residential drivers are using the solution, and drivers who pick up from commercial and construction sites will begin using it soon. And the company is looking for other ways to automate operations. “What we’re doing may seem simple, but it’s huge for us,” says Todd Ottonello, vice president of the company. “This also helps with our efforts to go green. The solution completely changes an industry.”
Taylor Mallory Holland. Tablets bring waste management technology into the digital age. Internet:<> (adapted).
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The text states that Daily Disposal uses a mobile app, tablets, and cellular phone service for the work they do with both their residential and commercial customers.